Newly discovered blog on a big topic of my interest

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that one of my big interests is in the area of Personal Knowledge Management, or PKM. (Note: as I went to insert a link to the PKM category of this blog, I discovered that I don’t, in fact, have one. Thus the link to the KM category.) Key to this is an interest in and exploration of the various tools available today to help individuals improve their ability to perform their work.

Thanks to a post from Harold Jarche, I now have a term that very neatly (and concisely) describes what my interest really is: Work Literacy. From the inaugural post at Work Literacy:

Work Literacy is based on the beliefs that:

  • With the growth of new technologies, explosion of new information, and accessibility of experts around the world, there’s a growing gap between the skills that most knowledge workers possess and the resources available to them.
  • As knowledge workers we need practical skills, methods and tools that will improve our effectiveness and help us stay on top of our game.
  • This is an issue that’s evolving quickly and we need a way to start discussing the implications, sharing ideas and learning how to better manage our work and learning.

Work Literacy will:

  • Inspire action
  • Pull together a wide variety of individuals who will collectively help provide content that is meaningful to the “average knowledge worker.”
  • Provide a hub for the discussion of this topic by knowledge workers.
  • Provide access to resources such as workshop providers, presenters, information, etc. offered by people in the network.

This one is definitely going into my feed reader, you should take a look at it as well. (And yes, I am also setting up a Work Literacy category.)