Sitting here studying some statistics – I’m sorry, “quantitative analysis” – listening to and watching a Joe Satriani DVD: Live in San Francisco (2001). I love just listening to his music, and enjoy watching him and his band play even more. Part of my fascination, especially as an amateur piano player, is watching the ease…More

What is Knowledge Management, anyway?

Many definitions of Knowledge Management have been, and continue to be, thrown about. One I’ve always had trouble with is the “right information to the right person at the right time” thing. My main problem with it is my belief that there is no such thing as THE right answer. Maybe a bunch of A…More

Organizational Knowledge

Organizational Knowledge – What is it? What exactly does “organizational knowledge” mean? We know what knowledge means in people, or do we? What level of knowledge are we thinking about? The knowledge that we are conscious of? The knowledge that we are not usually aware of but can consciously call on at times when we…More