Aren’t all organizations “learning organizations”?

In The Fifth Discipline, author Peter Senge describes the concept of “Organizational Learning” and the “Learning Organization.” I think the book is a great resource, with great ideas (the obvious being the fifth discipline itself – Systems Thinking) and is a must read for anyone trying to improve their organization. I can’t argue with the…More

Negative feedback as model for “training”

Negative feedback…is a way of reaching an equilibrium point despite unpredictable and changing external conditions. The above quote is from Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software by Steve Johnson, who goes on to say that negative feedback is a way of indirectly pushing a fluid, changeable system toward a goal. Though…More

Blogs as Waste Book

I first read of Sir Isaac Newton‘s “Waste Book” in James Gleick‘s biography, titled simply Isaac Newton. Fascinating stuff. Of course, once I read this biography – which, by the way, I strongly recommend – I had to read the classic The Principia : Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, a new translation by the recently…More

Strategy by design…

…or strategy by default? Where do you stand? Do things just happen to you, are you just along for the ride? Are you getting where you want to go, or are you simply getting where you are going? A couple of old proverbs (I forget where from): If you don’t know where you are going,…More

“Autistic” Organizations

Going through some of this stuff about organizational behavior, it struck me that if you look at many organizations as a super-organism, and compare its behavior and characteristics to an individual human’s behavior (a stretch, I know), you will see an organization that looks very much like it is autistic. You can see all the…More

Journal – Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes

Amazing what you find when you Google. Who would have thought there is a journal dedicated to Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes? Guess there is a journal for everything (and rightly so!) Go here for a free on-line sample issue. I’m going there as soon as I finish posting this.More

“Standardization” of Knowledge Management

Though Knowledge Management has been “hot” for some time now, there is still a debate about whether the field is ready for standardization. There is some debate, in fact, about whether KM can ever be standardized. This press release from KMCI (Knowledge Management Consortium International) presents a pretty compelling argument that KM is not ready…More