In lieu of or in addition to a resume. A way to better show not just what I have delivered over the years, but the work that went into it all. Probably not going to be a standard portfolio. Or resume. This will be an ever evolving list as I build it out (and beyond). In no particular order (except mostly chronological to start).

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Job Related

Signal Platoon Leader

FDC Comms Design

FDC Comms deployment design

Signal Battalion S-4

Concept of tactical support

Fielding of MSE (this is like 10 service design projects all rolled into one)

MSE Company Commander

Training design

Node center design

Concept of support to users

NTC deployment


Demo coordination and design

Multichannel SATCOM Terminal Operational Test

Single Channel SATCOM Fielding




Systems Engineer

Where do I start

ESN Community Manager and Solution Designer

A few things

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Personal Stuff

USAG Junior Olympics Trampoline and Tumbling Meet

Everything from venue layout, athlete management, competition, concessions, website, awards ceremony, printed programs, website

Cross Country move

Selling a house, buying a house, and getting from one place to the other