A resume for the cloud

It’s that time of year to update the resume, clear out some of the old and add in some new. In addition to adding new experience and projects, I was thinking it was probably time to have my resume / portfolio up on the web where people could discover it. (Obviously, I’ll still need to have a regular text / MS Word / pdf version that I can send via email if someone would like a copy. Although, a web version could have a “save as text file” option and I could just send people the link…. Hmmm.)


I did some quick research* on resumes on the web and came across the Cloud Resume Challenge. If you’re not familiar, the basic challenge is to use various AWS (or other public cloud) services to create a resume web site. The easy part is to set up an S3 bucket that works as a web site; create the bucket, set some options, upload your files. From there it gets into some things that will require a bit more thought, such as configuring the site to use SSL, using JavaScript to trigger some Python code that updates a database with the number of hits the site has had. Oh, and a custom URL.

The basic idea behind the challenge is that it requires you to learn, and understand, how AWS works and to demonstrate that knowledge and understanding by building the site. And if you’re interested and looking for a job in cloud, having completed the project would be an excellent thing to include in your resume. Since my personal learning adventure this summer has been deep diving into public cloud services (AWS, Google Public Cloud, MS Azure), I thought it would make sense to complete this year’s resume update following the Challenge.

Looking through the requirements for the challenge it appears very similar in design and structure to a project I created for ACLU-MO last year, with a few key differences such as using Python and Lambda functions and implementing it as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) templates. These are actually some things that would probably add value to the ACLU-MO project, and I’m always ready to learn something new.

Not to mention that it will be something new to add to the resume 🙂

* And by “research” I mean “I googled “online resumes”” :p