EMWCon 2016 – some notes (create camp)


Spent some time this morning discussing various ideas for projects to work on. Including:

  • HTML2Wiki
  • Semantic Form Themes
  • Mermaid
  • Make site faster
  • Extension certification
    • AD / Vagrant roles
    • BPM Setup for an extension cert service
  • Extension manager
    • Extension interdependency management
  • Extension screenshots and working links to examples on mediawiki.org
  • Reification / provenance in SMW
  • Semantic forms validation

Most are somewhat technical (definitely beyond my skill level with MW), but many of those do require some non-technical participation. And some are longer term ideas (screenshots of extensions, for example) that can be continued to be worked on over time.

The one that most appealed to me was Lex’s presentation for creating an “Extension Certification” process for MediaWiki extensions. Would tie in with the potential Enterprise MediaWiki Foundation (EMF?) that we discussed on Day 1.

Basic process is straightforward (developer creates extension, runs acceptance tests, submits to EMF for review, they certify), but the implementation is a bit less so. Quite involved on the developer side, somewhat automatic at the review level. End result would be the “EMF Seal of Approval” for the extension, showing which core versions the extension has been tested against.

This type of process would would go a long way for Enterprise users, especially when trying to convince management, IA, etc that the extension can be trusted and presents (relatively) low-risk in implementing.

You can keep up with progress on the EMWCon 2016 page.