Normality is overrated (and dangerous)

From Euan Semple:

Normality is overrated. In fact it is dangerous. It erodes our ability to be our true selves as individuals, can cause unhappiness in those who through no fault of their own are “not normal”, and gives us the tribal excuse to behave appallingly to our fellow man.

As a somewhat un-normal person myself, and parent of two quite unique sons, I’ve seen this “cause unhappiness” all too often through the years. Most often it is unintentional, but there are times when the “tribal excuse to behave appallingly” is relished and the unhappiness is quite intentionally caused.

An example came across my Facebook feed today from a friend who posted about some issues with trolls on a site intended for autistic children:

A troll tried to get on [site] today. We asked why. He said: “I found out about a server with only autistic kids, its a trolls [sic] dream.”