The perfect theme (doesn’t exist)

As I get back into blogging, part of my challenge is to find the right theme, the best presentation. To be honest, I’ve kind of been using this lack as an excuse for not blogging, and I just need to get over it. Though I’ve not been actively blogging (writing) for the past couple of years, I have been keeping up with the state of the art, such as it is, and what others have been doing with blogging platforms. Especially Dave Winer.

I keep coming back to WordPress. I love the platform, and its evolution as a full blown CMS is great, so much possibility. But all I really want for my blog is a place to write. And for people to read. Although, even when I was actively blogging years ago I never really expected that many people would actually read what I wrote on my blog. I always expected they would read it in an RSS feeder. My how times have changed.

I know that images and pictures are all the rage on websites and blog sites and everywhere, but all I really want is something nice and clean for text. With the occasional image or video. I’m using the Mercury theme, a child theme to P2, because it is clean, text based, and has the added bonus of creating and editing directly on the posts page, but there are a few things I don’t like. Mainly in the styles for the post formats, but a couple of other things as well.

So, you say, why not create your own theme? Or at least create your own P2 child. Well, I probably will. Maybe a good time to start learning JavaScript with WordPress?

Speaking of which, here is Matt’s State of The Word talk from WordCamp US back in December.