A story and a smile

As I got on the shuttle this afternoon that took me from long term parking to the terminal, the driver greeted me and handed me a card that included a reminder of where I was parked. I thanked her and made a comment that this was the first time I had used this lot, and that on my return I would quite likely find myself in the short term lot in a futile search for my truck.

I got the impression from her that she wasn’t really having a good day, that she may not really like her job of driving the same loop for hours at a time, that she was – quite simply – in a grumpy mood. But she responded to my comment, so I continued the conversation.

By the end of the five minute ride we were both laughing and smiling, having shared stories of lost cars in vast parking lots, of walking around with arm held high pushing the alarm button on the keyless remote, of searching for a rental car in a vast sea of rentals that all look alike.

A key philosophy of camping and backpacking is to leave the places you visit in better shape than when you arrived. It seems to me that this philosophy is a good one to have for our interactions with other people as well.

2 thoughts on “A story and a smile

  1. No better person on earth to spread this message than you. Your personality and good humor are infectious. Keep up the good work and I will do my best to practice what you preach! W.C.C.


  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the comment. This was just one of those things that happened, obviously struck me enough to jot it down. Most of my blog posts seem to take forever as I struggle to find the “right” way to say things, but I whipped this one up on my Droid even before my flight took off.

    I’ve been trying to get better at writing that way, with less focus on getting it “right” and more on just getting it written, but with mixed success. The Droid has definitely helped, though, since I can log in to WP almost immediately and just write. And editing is a pain on that small screen, so….


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