Never fail to act

Several years ago I picked up Deng Ming Dao’s 365 Tao.  As the title suggests, it contains 365 daily meditations, ranging from the banal to the profound.  I’ve used several of the meditations as the basis for blog posts before (see here and here, for example), but my personal favorite is today’s meditation on Engagement.

Prey passes the tiger who
Sometimes merely looks,
Sometimes pounces without hesitation,
But never fails to act.

Along with each meditation is a short (< 1 page) discussion by the author.  The discussion on Engagement includes the following:

Whatever comes to you, you must engage it somehow.  You receive it, you may aler the circumstance and let it go, you may interject something of your own into it, or you may knowingly let it pass.  Whatever you do, there is no need to be apathetic toward life.

To hear the whole discussion on Engagement, and to get your own daily dose of Taoist wisdom, check out the 365 Tao podcast.  You don’t have to be a Taoist to appreciate the lessons to be learned.

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