Gen Y says, “Take me as I am”

I wrote my recent post Take Me As I Am with a specific, and intentional, slant towards autism and autistic individuals.  However, the feelings expressed are not limited to those with autism, as any young teenage rebel can attest.

In Generation Y in the Workplace Explained, guest poster Teresa Wu gives a Gen Y perspective on the sentiment.

As Gen Y enters the professional world, we bring a whole new set of rules. We’re often criticized for our restless job-jumping or our sense of entitlement. The truth is, we might play the game differently, but that doesn’t mean we’re not every bit as bright, innovative, and hardworking. Here’s why.

  • We crave personal development
  • We pursue unconventional paths
  • We value company culture
  • We’re not afraid to ask
  • We embrace transparency
  • We just want to do what we love

Like David Gurteen, from whom I learned of Teresa’s post, I crave these same things today but wonder if I did when I was a few (!!) years younger.