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One of the more difficult parts of replacing a blog (or, in my case, two) with a new one is how to keep your current readers informed about the change and, ideally, how to keep them subscribed.  Fortunately, FeedBurner has made this easy for me (or would have, if I had paid attention!).

Since my blog 29 Marbles was specific to autism, it was straightforward enough; I simply changed the feed title and the feed details to reflect the autism category feed.  Before I did this, though, I wrote one last post letting my readers know of the change.  I also informed the admins of the sites that aggregate that feed so they could decide if they wanted to continue to include my writing about autism.

It wasn’t quite as easy with No Straight Lines, though in retrospect it should have been.  Due to technical issues, I’m unable to post anything new.  So instead of just switching the feed, like I did for 29 Marbles, I created a new feed.  As Tony pointed out to me a couple of days later, though, no one knew about the new feed (or the new blog, for that matter).  As an interim, I bookmarked my initial post here in delicious.  My delicious feed is spliced into my feed by FeedBurner (thank you, again, FeedBurner), so I figured my subscribers would get the word that way.  And then I finally figured out I should simply update the original NSL feed to point to this new blog.

Lessons learned:  Use FeedBurner (or something similar), it really helps when you need to make changes; don’t forget about your current readers when you make changes; and no matter how well you think you’ve planned ahead, even for something relatively simple, keep in mind that you will always forget or overlook something.

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