Rehashing old ideas

Three and a half years and nearly 250 posts.  That’s the life so far of 29 Marbles. And to tell the truth, I’ve run out of new things to write about.  Not that there isn’t always something happening in the world related to autism, but like everything else it all seems to happen in cycles.  Different day/month/year, the same stories and questions in different clothing.   

Nowhere is this more evident than in the referral logs for the site.  Most hits come either from the Autism Hub, or from search results.  Sometimes the search queries are on things I wrote about years ago, sometimes more recent.  But inevitably, the same questions keep coming back around.

I first started writing this blog to help me sort through my own feelings and thoughts on autism.  That goal is accomplished; I have a much better conscious understanding now than I did three and a half years ago. But there are many others out there still forming the questions in their minds and looking for answers.   Among those nearly 250 posts are what I feel are good responses to some of those questions.  

I’m sure I’ll continue to write the occasional “new” post, but for now I’m going to dig into the archives and bring out those that answer the questions I see in my referral logs.   Who knows, I might even have something new to add to those things I haven’t given much thought to in a while.

One thought on “Rehashing old ideas

  1. I’ve responded before on this blog and once again I am putting out the call that a united front is better than individual cries for help for funding and therapies for the children.

    We are still seeking personal stories and therapies that you have provided for your child to place in our upcoming book. Nothing is more dear to the heart than personal joys, triumphs, trials and tribulations. If you would like to share your stories with our readers, please drop us a line at:

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    Lea Schizas


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