Blog business

It has been way too long since I’ve updated the appearance and performance of this site, and it is time to do some remodeling. I intend to keep posting, so if you read the actual site instead of a feed, please excuse the mess.

On the subject of feeds, I’m also going to convert over to a feedburner feed: I’ll have both available for a while to give folks a chance to switch over (if they are interested enough to go to the trouble), and then in about a month kill the blogger feed.

On the subject of blogger and remodeling, does anyone know of any good 3 column templates?

One thought on “Blog business

  1. I still haven’t found a new template that I want to use, but I learned something about Blogger I didn’t know before: you can redirect the Blogger feed through FeedBurner. The really nice thing is that people who are already subscribed to the Blogger feed don’t need to change over. Nice.


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