Test from Word 2007

I recently picked up a new laptop and decided to take the plunge into Vista and Office 2007. (Sadly, MacOS was not an option for me right now.) Although the verdict is still out on Vista, I am finding much to like in Office 2007. I’ll try to write more about both, but for now I’m simply testing out the “Blog Post” template / feature in Word 2007. rn

The set up process is very straightforward. I entered the blog service provider (WordPress, from a drop down selection that also includes TypePad, Blogger, and Windows Live Spaces), this blog’s URL and the log-in credentials. I was concerned at first that the reference to WordPress may have been specific to WordPress.com, but a quick check of the Manage Accounts screen (see image to right) showed that the Word had indeed successfully registered with my site. Another indication that the connection was successful is the population of the “Insert Category” dialog with the categories from this site. rn

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that I can select more than one category. (Even ctrl+click doesn’t work.) There is also an issue (for me) with images; I couldn’t find an easy way to add “alt” text for the image. If you select the image and then “insert hyperlink”, you can add the alt text as a “Screen Tip”, but Word won’t let you keep it unless you actually put a hyperlink onto the image. For (my) convenience, I’ve simply added in the URL to this site. rn

All in all, this feature of Word 07 seems to work well, but I’ll have to wait to see what the final post looks like before passing final judgment.rn

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