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One of the various reasons I finally got around to posting my review of Portia Iverson’s Strange Son was my signing up for an account at, a social networking site to connect those who still engage in the fading activity of reading. As I was adding books to my shelf I wanted to add a review of at least one book, so I dusted off that review and posted it to Shelfari, as well as here (where it would, admittedly, reach a bit larger audience).

One of the other things that Shelfari provides is the ability to create groups, what seem to me to essentially be a virtual book club. I created one, Books by Autism Parents and Autistics, to provide a forum to discuss, well, books by autism parents and autistics. So far, the group is just me. I’d love to have some company. (hint hint šŸ˜‰

On a side note, I understand that there are several different sites for managing a book shelf and that converting from one to another is a bit of a pain. I actually went through this when switching from iRead within Facebook to Shelfari. (I wrote a bit about the myriad options, and headaches they cause (for me, at least) in Time out, please? last summer.) If you don’t want to switch your entire shelf over to Shelfari, perhaps just come on over for the group discussion.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. I think its a wonderful idea.When my son was younger i read every book going, now that he is older i dont feel the need.Hope you get some interest!


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