I wonder why…

…you can’t drag and drop text into the “Location” field in a Microsoft Outlook appointment form? I know this is a small (some would say tiny) nit, but this is something that has bugged me for a while. I get most of my meeting invitations in e-mail, and most (these days) are a teleconference / web conference. To save a bit of time, I would like to be able to simply drag-and-drop the conference info. Seems reasonable, right? That’s what I thought.

I recently upgraded to Vista (there’s a story in itself) and to Office 2007. I hoped (against hope, it seems) that I would finally be able to drag and drop text into the location field in Outlook appointments. As you’ve undoubtedly figured out by now, I was denied this simple pleasure. The thing is, this little thing wouldn’t bother me except for one thing: you can cut-and-paste into the field. (And, yes, I do have drag-and-drop editing turned on.)

So why can’t I drag-and-drop?

2 thoughts on “I wonder why…

  1. I don’t know why, but you can partially solve this problem with Anagram: http://www.getanagram.com/. It gives you a simple way to select any chunk of text and copy it to your PIM, whether that text is a contact, an event, or a task. I’ve been using it for years, and it was one of the first things to go on my new computer at work.


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