Trust your instincts and your training

Daryl at the Anecdote blog recounts a master’s story from the world of surfing in the post Letting Go. In the story, as told by champion surfer Kelly Slater, Slater finds himself in a bad spot following the first (of three) heat of the championship finals and is faced with a choice: try as hard as he can to pull out a miracle; or go out and surf.

Like a true master, Slater chooses the latter and comes away with two perfect rounds. The moral of the story: Trust your instincts and your training, and don’t overthink it.

Anecdote, as Daryl mentions, is a “blog on business narrative,” so this post may seem to some to be a bit out of place. But, as Daryl also says, “there is some important wisdom in this story that is applicable to other areas of life.”

While the specific process of achieving mastery may depend on what it is we want to master, we can all learn from the experiences of masters in any field.