Event Notice: Autism 101 in St. Louis

Autism 101, a panel discussion about autism, will be at 7 p.m. April 18 at the Logos School, 9137 Old Bonhomme Road, Olivette. [Flyer (MS Word)]

The panel will explore topics such as relationship development intervention, applied behavioral analysis, neurology and sensory and feeding issues associated with autism.

Among speakers will be Dr. Garrett Burris of Child Neurology Associates, Colin Peeler of Behavior Solutions, Sheree Behrndt of Sensory Solutions and Sue Lindhorst of Speech Language Services.

Autism Speaks and Missouri Families for Effective Autism Treatment will sponsor the event.

Those who want to attend must register by Wednesday. To register, click on Upcoming Events on the website, www.autismwalk.org/stlouis. For more information, call 314-989-1003.

One thought on “Event Notice: Autism 101 in St. Louis

  1. *barfs all over the all about us without us event*There ARE autistic people in Saint Louis. It wouldnt kill them to hire autistic people to talk about, uh, being autistic.


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