Tramp and Tumbling on the world stage

Last night, NPR aired a rare piece on World Cup and Olympic Trampoline competition.

American trampoline artists say their sport sometimes gets tagged as the kind of spectacle that belongs in circuses, not the Olympics. But the sport combines gymnastics and dance — all while mocking gravity at 30 feet in the air.

Short, but worth a listen.

This story was inspired in part by the Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup going on this week in Lake Placid, NY. A press release from USAG yesterday gives the results, including these highlights:

2006 U.S. tumbling champion Kalon Ludvigson of Cedar Lake, Ind., and 2007 Winter Classic tumbling champion Susannah Johnson of Roanoke, Va., both won their first World Cup medals when they claimed bronze medals in men’s and women’s tumbling, respectively….

Canadian trampolinists set two world records for degree of difficulty at the World Cup. Canada’s Jason Burnett set the mark in men’s trampoline at 17.5, while Rosannagh MacLennan and Karen Cockburn of Canada set a world record at 14.2 in their women’s synchronized trampoline win.

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