Diagnosis: Autism – nothing new on 60 minutes

A quick follow up to 29 Marbles: Autism on 60 Minutes – 18 Feb 07 . My first thoughts after watching the 60 Minutes piece Diagnosis: Autism on Sunday night was, “Wow, this was a non-event.”

Maybe it’s just me, and the fact that over the past year I’ve been soaking in just about every autism story, theory, etc and reading several autism related books, but the show didn’t seem to shed any new light on anything.

Of course, if I were the parent of a recently diagnosed child, or (gasp) the parent of a 6-12 month old who wasn’t responding when I called his name, it would have been a different story. But what exactly would I have learned?

2 thoughts on “Diagnosis: Autism – nothing new on 60 minutes

  1. Have yet to watch the programme [the joys of TIVO] but whilst I think that there cannot be a body on the planet that hasn’t heard of autism, it remarkable how many people still don’t have the first clue.Cheers


  2. Just after posting this, I saw Kristina’s post about tonight’s PrimeTime show on ABC about the JRC. I thought I was depressed before, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch that show. Not sure if I can even bring myself to capture it on the DVR.Of course, you have to know and understand the enemy before you can conquer it. In this case the enemy is bad information. If you don’t know what they’re saying, you can’t reach the people who have only seen that bit.Guess I’ll watch it after all.


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