Got Wii? How about accessories?

Though not as rare in the wild as Sony’s PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii is still a good catch. After waiting in line to get my own Wii on the launch date (actually I waited in line to get one as a Christmas gift for the boys), I’m anxious to hook it up and start playing. Since this is a gift for the boys, though, I find myself in Jason’s situation (just replace Jason with me in the FoxTrot strip shown here and you get the idea!)

Foxtrot - 20 Nov 06

Fortunately, though, we have had a chance to try out the Wii at the local mall, both at the EB Games there and a Nintendo kiosk with several Wii (what is the plural of Wii, anyway) set up. We tried our hand at Excite Truck and Wii Sports, both of which give a chance to appreciate the great motion sensitive controllers (my favorite was the golf game in Wii Sports).

If you are a parent who has picked up a Wii for you kids (or even if you picked it up for yourself), you should check out this set of “must have Wii accessories” from C/Net. If you have any other suggestions for must-have accessories or games, please let me know. I want to make sure I’m all set when I – er, I mean we – finally open it up and hook it up.