Genetically engineering FOR deafness

I had the TV on MSNBC this evening for about 2 minutes, during Tucker Carlson’s show. Here’s (a paraphrase of) what I heard Tucker say:

Some deaf parents want to be able to test for deafness. They want to make sure that their children are deaf like them. [blah blah blah] Now, it’s one thing to genetically engineer the sex of your kids, but can’t you agree that genetically engineering your kids so that they are born deaf is just wrong?

His guest, of whom I know nothing about, hedged and didn’t really answer. I’m not even really sure what the show was about (like I said, I only saw about 2 minutes and didn’t pay a whole lot of attention). But, given the discussions I’ve been involved in through this blog, those couple of lines just kind of jumped out. Got me thinking.

I think I’ll wait to discuss in more detail until I’ve had a chance to read the transcript this weekend, but I’m sure it will be on my mind.

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