Amazon aStore

Amazon aStore Beta Logo

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Matt Homann’s post about his new Amazon aStore. I’ve been an Amazon Associate for a year or so, but I don’t rely on it for anything so haven’t really been paying attention to what they’ve been doing. When I logged in to the affiliate site, there was a very quick explanation of the aStore and a four-step wizard to get set up. So, I set one up.

It’s a nice set-up, still in early stages and beta so it obviously has room to improve. In fact, since I first set up my aStore, Amazon has added the ability to add additional pages beyond the standard “Featured Products” home page of an aStore.

There are two ways you can have people visit your aStore: you can give them a link to the aStore itself (for example, Brett Miller’s Shop); or you can embed the aStore on a page inside your site (for example, My Amazon aStore). I prefer the latter, since it keeps everything within the site, but I’ve not been able to figure out how to ‘deep link’ into individual items within my page set up. My last post included deep links to items, but these went to the Amazon hosted aStore. I’d also like to see an RSS feed for the Featured Items page so people could subscribe to keep up with what has changed.

A lot of my posts draw their inspiration from various media – including books, CDs, DVDs, and video games – all things you can find on Amazon. Though I don’t expect to make a whole lot of money through this, it seems silly to not take advantage of the system when I’m referring to it so much anyway. So, if you think you want to buy a book from Amazon based on what you read here, please feel free. (And tell all your friends, too 😉 )

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