The Quest for genius on CNN

Thanks to Hobie Swan over at the Mindjet blog for a heads up on the upcoming program The Quest for genius to be broadcast on CNN the weekend of 23-24 September. In addition to interviewing Tony Buzan and putting mind mapping to the test, host Richard Quest will interview chess legend Gary Kasparov, Dr. James Watson (of DNA double-helix fame), and Kim Peek (the real-life inspiration for the “Rain Man”).

The show will air Saturday at 06:00, 14:00, 19:00 and Sunday 06:00, 19:00 (all times GMT). Just in case I forget, I’ve already set up the DVR.

2 thoughts on “The Quest for genius on CNN

  1. Please if somebody recordered this, upload it to youtube or similar and let me know. I found it incredibly stimulating.
    Go Richard Quest


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