No Straight Lines (new and improved!!)

Welcome to my new blog, G. Brett Miller – No Straight Lines. At first glance, it may seem that this is simply a move (from Blogspot to my own domain) and redesign (from Blogger to WordPress) of my now defunct blog …no straight lines…. However, about the only thing I’ve really held over is the name (which I’ve always been fond of).

I’ve been contemplating moving onto my own domain for some time, but couldn’t really justify it to myself in the state the blog was in. The biggest problem was a lack of focus or direction – though ostensibly about knowledge management and organizational behavior, the blog wandered far and wide. Over the past several months, while involved in blogging on other topics (most notably autism), I’ve given quite a bit of thought to what it is I’m really interested in, and what I’d really like to write about here. I’ve realized that what I’ve always been interested in is mastery and the process of mastery, understanding how some people and organizations achieve this heightened level of achievement and, more importantly, how every one and every organization can achieve it.

Even my involvement in knowledge management derives from this interest in mastery. In fact, my understanding of what this blog should be about came from notes and mind maps I’ve been working on for a post / paper entitled Knowledge Management and the Pursuit of Organizational Mastery. Hopefully, I’ll have pieces of that ready to post soon.

Though I will focus on the topic of mastery, I am also looking forward blogging more about my original and recently new home town of St. Louis, MO. This is a great town with great people, and I hope to be able to spread the good word about about we have to offer here.