You learn something new everyday (at least I do)

I love figuring out how things work. In fact, I started blogging mainly because I was interested in the technologies and processes behind it. Not the least part of this was gaining a better understanding of HTML and Style Sheets. I’ve not really done much on that front since I set up this template here, but a recent article at has got me going again.

Recently I deleted every post I had on this blog. Why? Because I learned that everything I knew about writing mark-up for my blog was wrong. Not really wrong, actually, but just uninformed.

Scott’s focus is on WordPress, but I think the basics apply across the board. I share his interest in minimalism in blog design, and expect his advice will come in handy as I work on this blog template in the near future.

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One thought on “You learn something new everyday (at least I do)

  1. Working on the template, trying to change from Haloscan back to Blogger comments sytem.


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