Raising autism awareness – where to start?

As Autism Awareness Month approaches, I find myself trying to figure out how to do my part in raising awareness. However, I’m having a problem this year: what exactly do I want to raise awareness of?

There are so many aspects of autism that could be discussed: cause, cure, intervention, bio-med treatments, neurodiversity, IEPs, adult services, etc etc etc etc.

There are also many audiences that can be addressed: parents of newborns and infants, parents of newly diagnosed children, siblings of autistic children, teachers/administrators in ‘regular’ schools, students in those schools, teachers/admin in special ed schools, lawmakers, employers, etc. etc.

I’m going to take some time off from posting here until April, when I hope to come back with some organized thoughts to address autism awareness. I won’t be completely absent, though, as I plan to continue reading the many great autism related blogs out there and engaging in discussion (via comments).

If you are looking for more blogs and other sites to read about all the many aspects of autism in our world today, check out these three sites for some good lists:

If you have other good collections of links to point people to, please put them here in the comments.

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