Achievement carries no timetable

In No Pessimist Ever Discovered the Stars, Estee Klar-Wolfond takes a moment to discuss her journey so far with autism. I think many parents of autistic children will find familiarity in her experiences, especially in this little bit:

Over time, in researching autism and running my son’s team as my full-time job, I stopped listening to the “experts” and turned to people with autism. It is through them that I am at a wonderful place on this journey – learning to absorb, live with, and continue to try and understand autism perspectives.

I have come to view it as another marvelous way of being and I believe this benefits Adam and my entire family. Adam continues to learn as we respect his many needs. I believe he could have become aggressive, banged his head – and he might if he meets the wrong teacher. I know that it is because we acknowledge his frustrations and help him through them that he is a “well-adjusted” kid – he seems to be developing good sense of self and a healthy attachment to me.

There were signs early on that this could have been quite a different scenario. Had I listened to the experts, we would not be at this point today.

Estee then goes on to provide 10 lessons she has learned along the way. Check them out.

(btw – the title of this post comes from #8 on her list)

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