Autistic Conjecture of the Day

If you’ve not yet seen it, I encourage you to check out Autistic Conjecture of the Day:

Dazed and amazed by the theories, research, and snake oil offered up as *THE* answer to autism – both its causation and cure? Well, so am I. On this, my little notebook in cyberspace, I will be collecting and publishing articles from both the past and present, dealing with autism from the medical, behaviorist, personal, naturopathic, and parenting points of view. May we all, in the midst of these multitudinous words, find what we need to move on with courage, strength, and dignity.

In a nice touch, Susan has categorized her posts into Legitimate and Illegitimate Conjectures. (Though I think it is safe to say that there will be some disagreement on which are legitimate and which are not.)

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