BlawgThink 2005: Some quick thoughts (in anticipation of more detail later)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend BlawgThink 2005 in Chicago. Organizers Matt Homann and Dennis Kennedy put on an excellent program.

I’m not an attorney, or even involved in the legal profession, so the first question I got from a lot of folks was, “So why are you here again?” And though it is true that much of the conference and discussion that took place was specific to how blogs can be used to support the legal profession, the questions/techniques/solutions that were presented can be (and are being) applied to most any individual or organization that wants to blog.

It’s taken me this long to put something together about it because there was just so much to take in and so many great people to meet, especially my fellow St. Louis bloggers. Even the process of the conference provided much to think about in terms of group dynamics and behavior. Basically, my head is still spinning a bit as I try to assimilate it and figure out how best to write about it.

Many others have already posted some summaries and other thoughts on BlawgThink, so instead of trying to write my own I’ll just point them to you here.

I expect the next batch of my posts will be focused on my thoughts about specific aspects of the conference, such as why/how/when blogs are useful, specific blogging platforms and styles, etc etc. I’ll also talk a bit more about MindManager, which played a key role in the planning and execution of the conference.

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