iPod Nano – cool, but….

I got my hands on an iPod Nano this weekend. It’s my brother’s, and I’ve been helping him try to get it up and running on an older Windows 2000 machine. To say that it has been a pain in the ass would be an understatement; it’s been a nightmare. I don’t if it is because it is an older machine, slow processor, what. It meets the system requirements listed on the Apple site, but still it is trouble.

As I said the machine is an older Compaq running Win2k SP4. Because it didn’t have USB 2.0, we installed a new card. I installed the software straight from the CD. Hooked up the iPod. It kind of works, kind of doesn’t. That’s the frustrating part.

Just to make sure the iPod itself was OK, I hooked it up to my G5 iMac running Tiger. Worked like a charm. Hooked it back up to the Win2k machine. Return to the nightmare.

This is my first attempt trying to use an iPod on a Windows machine, I’m a Mac guy myself. But I can’t imagine that this is the typical experience for Windows users. (Though it does remind me why I abandoned the Windows ship when OS X came out.)

If anyone who happens to read this has any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to here them.