Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in Version 2.1

If you are a user of the Getting Things Done Outlook Add-in, I recommend updating to Version 2.1, released on 25 August. Some of the features/bug fixes mentioned on the web site include:

  • Attach multiple Emails to a single task
  • Processing] Process a Post Item
  • Add Next Action Button on Appointment/Task that will complete and create new task
  • Send and Delegate available on New, Forward or Reply messages
  • Dependant Action Creation
  • File Enhancements including view more/less options
  • Sub Project Functionality
  • Send and File Option available on New, Forward or Reply messages

My personal favorite is the “Next Action” button, which allows you to mark the current action complete and immediately create the next action automatically. Nice time saver.

The send options are presented a little bit differently as well, now in a drop down box with three options (Send, Send and Delegate, Send and File) instead of as two separate buttons (Send, Send and Delegate). The Send and File button is a nice feature, again a time saver. I used to go into the sent folder and then file the items individually after the fact.

Something to watch out for: If you choose Send and Delegate or Send and File, the message will go into the Draft folder for a little while before actually being sent. At first, I thought this was a bug, but found that if I waited just a bit (anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds) the message would actually be sent.