A “new generation” of autism treatment

This description of the Relationship Development Intervention ® (RDI®) program was on a press release for an upcoming conference, Going to the Heart of Autism, in San Diego:

The RDI program represents a new generation of autism treatment through which [Dr. Steve] Gutstein has worked to translate research findings into a systematic clinical approach to address the core problems faced by all individuals on the autism spectrum. It is different than “first generation” intervention programs because it is geared toward remediation. A primary assumption of the RDI program is that through focused guided participation in challenging activities, families can increase the flexibility and complexity of neural pathways of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“The RDI program represents a completely new way of thinking about and treating the deficits that are common in all individuals on the autism spectrum,” said Gutstein, co-director of the Connections Center. “We are challenging families and professionals to think beyond achieving mere functionality as a successful outcome for individuals with ASD; our reference point for success in the RDI program is fostering loving relationships and enhancing quality of life.”

For $150 (or $125 if you register on the site and buy before 30 September), you can purchase the DVD Going to the Heart of Autism – The Relationship Development Intervention Program.

The DVD includes 30+ video clips of parents and families participating in RDI activities. An excellent tool to introduce and educate teachers, therapists, grandparents and friends to RDI. Topics are dynamically presented for a general audience, but would also be appropriate for someone on a post-doctorate level.

Anyone out there have any first hand knowledge or experience with this?