Getting the Truth Out – a perspective on autism

Kev points to Getting the Truth Out, a site that he says provides a “much more realistic look at autism” than the recently relaunched Autism Society of America website.

Some thoughts on the site from Kev:

In places, for us parents, its not an easy read.

In other places it feels like we as parents have to accept that whilst we know our kids well we don’t know autism as well as autistics.

In still more places, this is a read full of hope and confirmation that difference is not equatable to bad or something that requires curing.

I’ve not had the chance to go through the whole site (it is set up as a linear pager turner and takes about an hour to go through, according to Kev), so I can’t really comment on the site (yet). But it looks like it is definitely worth reading in detail as I try to figure out this thing called autism.