Experiences with Special Ed: The Ugly

As bad as the whole of the Kindergarten year was, one incident stands out. Julie came to me one night and told me that Zeke’s teacher had called to talk about his behavior, his acting out in class. What it came down to was she was asking for Julie’s permission to strap Zeke down in his chair so he would sit still in class.

This was 1996, not even 10 years ago, and the teacher (with the concurrence of Zeke’s case worker in the district) wanted to STRAP MY CHILD DOWN IN HIS CHAIR. Julie, of course, said no. Here’s where it gets ugly.

Not long after Julie told me about this obscene request, I happened to be at the school. This teacher, who had already approached Julie and been turned down, told me that she would like to use physical restraints on Zeke. Did she tell me that she had already asked Julie, and that Julie had said no? What do you think? Needless to say, I also said no. (What I thought was, “Why don’t you let me strap you down in a chair!?”)

It wasn’t long after this that we requested the IEP update and got the placement Zeke needed.

Update:  Sadly, more than 10 years after this happened to us the problem seems to be growing instead of going away.  Makes you want to shout, yell, scream, cry, throw your hands up in the air and wonder what the hell is wrong with us as a society?

3 thoughts on “Experiences with Special Ed: The Ugly

  1. zeke clearly didn’t belong in that class. the teacher isn’t equiped to deal with autistic children. zeke was disrupting the whole class the teacher needed a way to stop it. i’m sure you knew he didn’t belong there unless you were in denial.


  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You are obviously a teacher perpetuating the same hatred & mentality I have seen to many times across the whole United States of America. I can tell by your post you are an old timer who needs to retire …your mentality & hatred is poisoining the school system & allowing children to be abused.

    Judgement day will be soon for you wish I could be their!


  3. Hi, do you care if I include this in the testimony on my site (I’m a mom not too far from you)?


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