Don’t adjust your web browser…

Yes, the site looks a little different today than it did yesterday. I was finding that my dissatisfaction with the appearance/function of the site was distracting me from posting, so I changed it. The template I used is a modified version of my blog …no straight lines… (which is currently suffering a near fatal lack of input).

I’ve not been happy with the blogger comments (I think it is my own fault) and the lack of trackback capability, so I’ve gone back to HaloScan for both. I’ve also toned down the presence of the Amazon link (which includes my associates ID) and the Google ads. Neither one has generated any revenue for me yet, but it is interesting to see what kind of traffic I get through those sites.

One new Blogger feature I am going to give a workout is the new MS Word add-in. With it, I can compose my blog entries off-line (say on the plane on my way home from Minneapolis later this week) and then very easily publish them, straight from Word, once I’m back online.

Let me know what you think. I promise there is more on Autism, Neurodiversity, Bio-medical treatment, etc. etc. etc. on the way.