I learned a new word today: Neurodiversity (Google search). There is a very comprehensive site at, you guessed it, I’ve not had a chance to go into it in any detail yet, and it looks like I have a lot of reading to do.

Bottom line, it seems, is that for the neurodiversity crowd autism is just another way the brain can wire itself. (Obviously a vast oversimplification.) In some ways, I have to admit, I believe that too. (But that’s a longer discussion than I want to have in this post!)

That’s not to say that autism, or any type of neurodiversity, is necessarily “naturally” occurring. I also happen to believe that mercury – mostly in the form of thimerasol in vaccines – is at least a trigger of autism in those predisposed to it, if not the cause of autism. (Again, much more research is needed on my part before I can address that more completely.)