Dusting off some old notes…

Going through some old notes, I came across a couple of things worth repeating here.

Can adults learn? from McGee’s Musings. The short answer (imho): Of course they can!! But only if they choose to. And unfortunately, it seems that most adults choose not to.

NESTA Futurelab – literature review in games and learning.

Computer games are today an important part of most children’s leisure lives and increasingly an important part of our culture as a whole. We often, as adults, watch in amazement as children dedicate hours to acting as football coaches, designers of empires, controllers of robots, wizards and emperors. In the past, computer games have been dismissed as a distraction from more ‘worthy’ activities, such as homework or playing outside. Today, however, researchers, teachers and designers of learning resources are beginning to ask how this powerful new medium might be used to support children’s learning.