Blogging as a way to “capture” tacit knowledge

From the wikipedia definition of tacit knowledge is this short paragraph:

By definition, tacit knowledge is not easily shared. One of Polanyi’s famous aphorisms is: “We know much more than we can tell.” Tacit knowledge consists often of habits and culture that we do not recognize in ourselves.

In a brief conversation through blog posts and comments, Lilia Efimova and Richard MacManus talk about the “unfinished” feeling that goes with blogs and how it affects work on “finished” products. A couple of quotes:

From Lilia in What if…:

Although often I escape into blogging when I don’t feel like working on a larger, “finished” pieces, I guess I really need those pressures to produce something finished to take an extra effort for synthesising “always unfinished” into something “finished”.

From Richard in Weblog Reading And Writing: Always Unfinished?:

Having written an article for Digital Web Magazine (and I must get around to writing another one), I can confirm it takes at least a couple of weeks to ‘craft’. Whereas with my weblog, although generally I write carefully crafted long-form posts, it’s still of-the-moment and a lot of times it’s an ongoing theme I’m exploring (ie it’s not “finished”).

As both Lilia and Richard imply, the writing (and reading) of blogs is a way to collect and organize (and reassess as needed) various thoughts and ideas as they are formed and processed. Sounds like tacit knowledge to me.