On the subject of security…

DOD reveals viral infection:

A virus infected two computers managed by the Army Space and Missile Defense Command operating on the Defense Department’s classified Internet recently, according to Lt. Gen Larry Dodgen, head of the command.

Dodgen, speaking here at the Army Director of Information Management (DOIM) conference said two computers in the Space and Missile Defense command connected to the DOD Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET) were infected because they did not have any virus protection.

At the same conference, according to the article, the Army Chief Information Officer said:

Despite years of emphasis, the Army still does a poor job of protecting its information systems…. But, he added, that will change now that “information assurance is a commander’s responsibility,” not just the job of the Army’s IT establishment.

Which takes us back to the question of, “Who’s responsible?” In the Army it is the commander (THE boss). Who is responsible in your organization?