Throwing down the gauntlet. or “You just don’t get it!” – The Gospel according to Joe Trippi

From Robert Paterson’s Weblogis this review of Joe Trippi’s The Revolution will Not be Televised: Democracy, The Internet, and The Overthrow of Everthing.

I have been feeling that we are indeed at a point of paradox where a new and better world is in sight just as we see the world of corporate power and alienation at its most powerful.

The new is no longer a theory. Companies such as eBay, Amazaon, Southwest are eviscerating their traditional competitors. Bottom up organizations will replace command and control, where ever it exists – in business, in politics, in government – everywhere. Community will be the organizational structure and where power will reside. Open Source will be the organizational model. The new is now inevitable. For those who lead organizations the time to decide has come. Do you vainly defend the indefensible or embrace the world to come?

It seems to me this has been building for several years now, since I first read The Killer App way back when. Every year we get closer, and every year the approach gets faster.